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Double Wall Brake Tubing - Caledon Tubing

Double Wall Tubing -  Caledon Tubing Stainless Steel - Caledon Tubing Low Carbon Steel - Caledon Tubing

Caledon Tubing uses an advanced and fully integrated
manufacturing system to produce double wall brake tubing for the automotive industry. The highly efficient production method operates continuously from raw steel coil to cut-to-length finished product and includes the application of Galfan and Nylon coatings to ensure corrosion resistance. Double wall tubing is available in both 3/16” and 1/4" sizes. The tubing is monitored during production for structural integrity and dimensional tolerances. Quality of the finished product is verified through strict testing to exceed industry standards.

Double Wall Brake Tubing is produced to the following standards:

    Brake Tube – Cut to Length
Outside Diameter
Wall Thickness
Coating Type
4.76 mm
0.028 – 0.039
Ford Specifications:

Daimler Chrysler:

PA12 over GALFAN
6.35 mm
0.028 – 0.039

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