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Caledon Tubing - Low Carbon Steel Tubing

Caledon Tubing operates a state of the art PLC-controlled Electric Resistance Welding mill to produce high quality coated tubing for use in the automotive industry. The Reacoat® method is a ‘hot entry’ coating system comprised of both Galfan and aluminum rich epoxy to provide outstanding corrosion protection. Low Carbon Mild Steel is available in a range of diameters and wall thicknesses.
We continuously monitor the weld integrity using eddy current testing equipment and a variety of tests are performed on finished tubing to exceed the quality standards required by our customers.

Low Carbon Mild Steel is produced to the following standards:

    Low Carbon Mild Steel Tubing in Coil
Outside Diameter
Wall Thickness
Coating Type
0.028 – 0.039
SAE J526 and J527
ASTM A 513-00

GM Specifications: GM123/124M

Aluminium Rich Epoxy over GALFAN (ReaCoat)
0.028 – 0.039
0.028 – 0.039
0.028 – 0.039
0.028 – 0.039
6 mm
0.71mm – 1.0 mm
8 mm
0.71mm – 1.0 mm
10 mm
0.71mm – 1.0 mm

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